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Cheat Diary

This is a list of all the bad food I eat. I am creating this to make myself more accountable and to decrease my binging on unhealthy foods.

November 2012

Fajita – 11/24

Ice Cream Sunday – 11/24

Fanta Soda – 11/24

Ice Cream Sunday – 11/25

Coke  – 11/25

Burrito – 11/25

Sprite – 11/25

December 2012 (the holiday party season)

Indian Cashew Candy – 12/3

Holiday Party (chicken cordon bleu and ice cream) – 12/5

Holiday Party (fajitas, chocolate, chips and cookies) – 12/7

Left over Holiday Cookies – 12/8

More Holiday Cookies and Chocolate – 12/9 (damn you holidays and your cookies)

I have decided that I don’t like keeping track of my cheating and stopped updating this page.

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