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Three Reasons Your Muscles Fail To Grow!

January 15, 2013

By Christopher Brown

Some persons no matter how hard they train they just can’t seem to build any more muscle. If you are one of those people it might be frustrating but nonetheless a sign that you are doing something or many things wrong. Here are three (3) reasons why your muscles fail to grow:

#1 Overwork If you are constantly working out your muscles without setting aside sufficient time for them to recuperate then they will not grow. The muscle fibers you break down in the gym needs time to rebuild so they can be stronger and larger than before. This is why it is not advised to work out a particular muscle group more than once per week. For example, if you work out your chest this Wednesday you should wait until next week Wednesday before you target your chest once again. Small muscle groups such as the biceps are easy to over train since they are involved in almost every exercise in the gym. This is why on your arm days you do not need more than two exercises. In weight training less is usually more.

gain build muscle arm man#2 Faulty Diet Weight training takes a lot out of you and if you are not providing your body with sufficient nutrients then your muscle fibers will not have the raw materials necessary to rebuild. Protein is the building block of muscle cells so this is important to regenerate new muscle tissue. Along with protein you need other macro-nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats if you are to set the conditions necessary so that your muscles can grow. If you are not able to get the necessary nutrients from your diet then you should consider taking supplements like whey protein, creatine or glutamine. Weightlifting can result in more harm than good if you do not repair the damage inflicted on your muscle tissue by providing your body with sufficient nutrients and getting enough rest.

#3 Incorrect Technique Incorrect technique can cheat you from muscle gains so you should always seek out professionals to advise you as to whether you are performing a particular exercise correctly. A common mistake is to use momentum when lifting weights instead of the intended muscle. For example, when performing bicep curls you might use your shoulders to help to bring up the weight thereby cheating your biceps from full stimulation necessary to induce hypertrophy. Whatever exercise you perform ensure that you use slow, controlled movements to stimulate the intended muscle as much as possible so they can grow.

Don’t Blame You Genes! The reason for the failure of your muscles to get larger usually falls under one or more of the mentioned categories. It’s no use blaming your genes as no matter how difficult it is for some persons to build muscle as long as they train and eat right they can gain muscle albeit at a slower rate than someone more genetically gifted.

Chris is a 25 year old fitness enthusiast who blogs at Gain Build Muscle.

You can follow him on twitter.

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