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Extreme Body Weight Exercise Challenges

January 11, 2013

For those of you who are already in incredible shape, normal body weight exercise won’t challenge you. Here are some video for more extreme exercise which you can try.

The first exercise is called the Aztec Push Up. It is a push up where you jump into the air and  you touch your hands and feet together. It is very difficult and if you try it you run the risk of doing a face plant and injuring yourself. I can do an Aztec push up but it is still pretty ugly so I will post a video of someone else doing them.

The muscle up is an extremely difficult variation of the pull up. It requires a huge amount of strength and a low body fat % to complete. I have been working towards doing a muscle up but I am not quite there yet.

The front leaver is another challenging body weight exercise. It requires a lot of upper body strength and an insane amount of core strength. I can only do the single leg front leaver, check out this tutorial.

Here is a video that I created that will teach you how to do the break dancing push up and the jumping clap push up. The break dancing push up combines cardio and strength while the jumping clap push up will help you build explosive strength.

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