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The Gyms are Packed

January 4, 2013

full gym new years resolutionIt is January and you know what that means, all the out of shape slobs head back to the gym to try to drop a few pounds. Back in November I warned you all that the gyms would be crowded in January so you should start on your fitness goals early.  I went to the gym on Wednesday and I could barley find a cardio machine. In my experience the January gym rush can last as long as 4 months at some gyms. So get ready to be frustrated for a while.

Now that the gym is crowded, what can you do to get in your workout with minimal interruption?

  1. Work out in the morning or in the middle of the day. Most people work out between 4 pm and 8 pm. If you can find the time to workout any other time then the gym won’t be as crowded.
  2. Work out at home. January is a great time to do more body weight workouts at home. There is never a line to do push ups or pull ups in your basement.
  3. Be flexible with your workouts. If you see that a lot of people are using the equipment that you want then get in a different workout than you originally planned.
  4. Buy enough equipment to have your own personal gym.

Personally I will be trying to do a combination of 1, 2 and 4, I am never flexible with what body part I am working out. I carefully plan out my entire week to get the most out of my workouts. So I will try to lift at non-peak hours when I absolutely need to go to the gym. I will be doing a lot more bodyweight exercises, which is why I bought an 80 pound weight vest. I also bought my own exercise bike so I can do cardio at home.

If you have any advice for dealing with the January rush, leave a comment.

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  1. I just wish I was a morning person to go earlier, but I just don’t have the energy. I’m starting marathon training soon too thought so I may just have to lift in the AM and beat the rush and run in the PM outside aka no dealing with crowds! When I get my own place I am definitely investing in some home gym equipment!

    • Good luck with the marathon training. In my opinion the 3 best pieces of equipment you can get are a weighted vest, pull up bar and tall push up handles (for full range of motion handstand push ups). With that equipment and a good knowledge of body weight exercises you can hit every muscle group.

  2. How’s your hand, bud? Fucking sucks. As for the January insanity, I try and just stick it out. After a few weeks the weak willed leave and the dedicated stay. I don’t alter my workouts or skip the gym I just brace myself for a prolonged workout.

  3. There is a gym at work and as I feared it has been a hassle waiting for the one changing area and shower and being creative while waiting for a bench or for people to remember common courtesy and move so you can get to the weight rack.

    • Back when I worked in an office with a gym, the January rush only lasted like 2 weeks, so you probably won’t need to wait long for the gym to clear out. Planet Fitness is the worst because they rope in a ton of people with $100 for a full year contract so the January rush doesn’t end until April.

  4. Action Brady permalink

    If a packed gym full of noobs is causing you problems, you’re clearly doing something wrong:

    1) You are probably not the biggest guy, or at least in the top 5% of the biggest guys, at your gym and therefore cannot remove lesser males from your desired equipment with nothing more than a surly glower.
    2) You are not eating enough protein and cannot clear an area with a 5 meter radius within 20 seconds with a wicked protein fart.
    3) You are not grunting loud enough and throwing your weights around enough and staring at small or fat people and judging them enough so they will never come back to your gym.
    4) If someone is in your squat rack, you are not standing 3 feet directly behind them, breathing heavily, and never breaking eye contact in the mirror until they go away.

    Come on guys, no excuses. Don’t let New Years Resolution turds steal your gains.

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