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BPA is Bad for Your Health

December 20, 2012

plastic bottles BPA bad for youBisphenol A (BPA) is chemical used to create hardened plastics and epoxy resin which is the protective lining in metal food and beverage cans. We are all exposed to BPA every day, it is in our water bottles, plastic food containers, water pipes and even flooring. Should you be concerned about the high level of exposure to this chemical? Yes because BPA is a known hormone disrupter that mimics estrogen in our body.

Effects of BPA for Your Health

pregnant women higher risk for BPABPA has been linked to increase in fat accumulation, especially in the abdomen, and glucose intolerance. BPA also puts you at higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, liver abnormalities as well as problems with brain and hormone development. BPA can also increase breast cancer cell growth and lead to male sexual problems including erectile dysfunction and decreased sperm count. BPA is especially bad for pregnant women and children because it adversely affects the growth of the baby or child in their hormone development. High prenatal exposure to BPA can permanently affect a child and damage thyroid function leading to obesity later in life.

Reduce your Exposure to BPA

Given all of the health risks of consuming BPA, we should all strive to reduce our exposure to BPA. Here are some tips to reduce your BPA intake:

  1. Eat fewer canned foods – The epoxy resin lining of canned products can leach into your food. Acidic foods such as tomato sauce are especially bad and leach more BPA. Try to get glass containers when buying tomato sauce.
  2. BPA Free Water Bottles – Water bottles are popular these days. Given how much use we get out of a water bottle it is worth making sure that you buy a BPA water bottle.
  3. Glass Containers – Whenever possible use a glass container instead of plastic.
  4. Use a Plate – When reheating food in the microwave use a porcelain plate or bowl instead of a plastic container. Heating plastic causes it to release more BPA.
  5. Choose the Right Plastic – All plastic containers have a recycle number. Number 7 has the highest levels of BPA, avoid using them and instead use number 1, 2 and 4 are safer and do not contain BPA.
  1. Action Brady permalink

    Wat wrong wit 3?

  2. Hey Wayne… I also just switched my travel mug to a ceramic mug with silicone lid. I started to worry a lot that the hot coffee I was putting in old my plastic lined thermal mug was making the plastic leach even more.The silicone lid has a funny odor but I’ve that it will go away with time.

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