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Make Your Workouts Intense with a Weight Vest

December 19, 2012
ZFO Sports 80 pound weight vest

Here I am wearing my new weight vest.

Some of the best exercises for building muscle are bodyweight exercises, including push ups, pull ups, dips and handstand push ups. Unfortunately as we get stronger and/or lose fat, bodyweight workouts cease to be a challenge and no longer help us to put on additional muscle, only improve muscle endurance and blood flow.

Workouts become Intense with a Weight Vest

Luckily there is an easy solution to this problem, your workouts will become challenging and intense again with a weight vest. On Sunday I was able to do 50 push ups, clearly my own body weight is not enough to build muscle fiber for my chest, but with an additional 80 pounds of weight strapped to my chest that will change. Currently I can do around 22 pull ups in a row with just my body weight. With a 40 pound weight vest on that number drops to 7 reps which is in the perfect range for building muscle.

Not only will wearing a weight vest help you build muscle, it can also help you improve or maintain bone density. Weight vests are used to help people with osteoporosis maintain their bone strength.

Weight Vests Help to Burn More Calories

If you are trying to lose weight then you can wear a weight vest while doing cardio to significantly increase the number of calories you burn. I highly recommend you stick to walking, hiking or the elliptical trainer for weight vest cardio workouts to avoid the extreme impact of running with a weight vest on. The added weight puts more strain on your joints and back during impact and can lead to injury.

What to Look for in a Weight Vest

Weight vests can be expensive, so it is important to buy the right one the first time. When choosing a weight vest you want to look at 3 things: maximum weight, adjustability and quality. For most people an adjustable weight vest is the the best option because they won’t want the same weight for every exercise. An adjustable weight vest also allows you to slowly build up the weight for an exercise.

Weight vests are very heavy, so it is important to buy a quality weight vest that will last a long time during intense workouts. Try to buy your vest from a vendor that gives customer ratings, buy a vest that gets a high customer satisfaction rating.

Picking the right weight for your vest is very important. You don’t want to spend too much money getting a heavy vest you won’t fully use but it is frustrating to realize after a few weeks that you need more weight and you maxed out the vest you bought. I recommend you buy 1 size larger than you expect to need. This way you give yourself some room to grow. I was thinking about getting a 40 lb or 60 lb weight vest, but in the end I decided to buy an 80 lb vest so I wouldn’t need to buy larger vest in the future.

How Much Will a Weight Vest Cost?

I did a lot of research looking for the best prices. I found that Amazon had the best prices for weight vests. I would have paid $120 for a 40 lb weight vest in Dicks or Model’s but it costs around $80 on Amazon. Amazon also has a lot more variety and give customer quality ratings. I was able to find 60 lb and 80 lb weight vests which are difficult or impossible to find in a retail sporting goods store. The 60 lb vest would have cost $120 and the 80 lb vest I ultimately bought cost $200. All of the prices that I quoted from Amazon were including shipping costs which were very high.

  1. Action Brady permalink

    Is that bullet proof?

  2. Action Brady permalink

    Sounds like you should be packing when you go running with this thing.

  3. May have to look into getting one of these.

  4. gainbuildmuscle permalink

    Sometimes I can’t go to the gym so having a weight vest would so great for me. I can do bodyweight exercises and still be able to build muscle!

  5. yaytodayefftmrw permalink

    Weight vest + sled work and/or prowler = Enhanced GPP (General Physical Preparedness) and Bonus Badass Points.

  6. Another advantage of this item is its expense.

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