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Experiment in the Kitchen

December 18, 2012
paleo gluten free almond tortilla chips

Paleo tortilla chips.

Over the last 6 months I have become a much better cook. The more time you spend cooking and the more recipes you learn the better you will become. As your cooking skills improve I challenge you to take your cooking to the next level and experiment with recipes to create an even better dish. When I find a new recipe to try, I almost never follow the exact recipe but instead tailor it to my own tastes so I enjoy it more. I’ll add or remove spices, throw in more vegetables maybe remove mushrooms if they are part of the recipe. I also believe that to reach peak fitness you need to experiment with your fitness routine to find out what is the best way for you to train.

healthy paleo sweet potato fries

Paleo sweet potato fries.

I think it is important to experiment not only because you can tailor the recipe to your own tastes, but because you may discover an even better recipe that you can share with the paleo community to expand paleo cooking knowledge. I have created lots of new recipes, some on purpose and some by accident. I found that paleo sweet potato fries are better when you make them with clarified butter (ghee) instead of olive oil. I also discovered that paleo tortilla chips are better when you leave out the olive oil (thank you Emily for discovering this one for me by accident). Tonight while I was making tortilla chips, I tried leaving in the egg yolk just for the heck of it to see how different it was. The chips turned out pretty well, the only real difference I noticed was the dough was a little stickier before I baked it. I wouldn’t say the chips turned out any better or worse, although if you are looking to increase your protein intake you should include the yolk and if you are looking to lower the calorie content then leave out the yolk.

Not every experiment will work out. I tried creating tortilla chips with coconut flour instead of almond flour so I could reduce the omega 6 for the recipe. Unfortunately the coconut flour is not sticky and after baking the chips fell apart really easily. Interestingly they did taste good though. I might try making tortilla chips which are 90% almond flour and 10% coconut flour in the future. My thought is that it would make the chips a little fluffier but hopefully they would still stick together.

Fitness Wayne Standard Substitutions

The main substitutions that I make in almost every recipe that I try are replacing onions with onion powder and garlic with garlic powder. I do this for several reasons.

  1. It saves a lot of time. I don’t need to wash and chop up onions every time I want to cook.
  2. I don’t like the texture of onions but I like the flavor.
  3. This saves a ton of money. I just finished the onion powder and garlic powder containers that I bought A YEAR AGO. That is right I used one $4 container in an entire year and I use the stuff like 5 times a week. Think how expensive it would be if I went through 2 or three onions a week for a year. Probably $100 instead of $4. Plus I never have to worry about the onion powder spoiling or running out.

If you really like onions then I fully support you actually purchasing and chopping up onions but it isn’t for me.

  1. FRIES!?!? Keep it up and you’ll be FATness Wayne in no time.

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