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Weekend Links

December 15, 2012
paleo bakery

Paleo friendly baked goods can be bought at The Organic Cave bakery.

Here are some interesting links to help occupy your weekend:

Scientists are researching immortality, and jelly fish may be the key.

This articles discusses the recent statin study and the limitation of observational studies. They often find correlations that aren’t necessarily related by causation. For example there are more drownings in swimming pool at the same time that ice cream consumption is the highest however eating ice cream won’t cause you to drown, it is just that eating ice cream and going in the pool are both popular when it is hot.

Earlier this week I suggested that you should limit your high intensity cardio, here is more research confirming what I said that extreme endurance exercise is bad for your heart.

This article reveals the secret that people are more likely to continue exercising if they enroll in a fitness class instead of doing it on their own. This doesn’t surprise me because classes can be more fun than just running on the treadmill and classes help to teach people who know nothing about fitness how to get in shape. I think the social component of classes also helps to keep people exercising.

As paleo eating becomes more popular, more and more athletes are now open to going paleo instead of following the conventional wisdom that you need to eat refined carbs to be an athlete.

Here is a story about a paleo bakery that just opened up. This is very encouraging to me, I can’t wait until more paleo restaurants open up, especially near me.

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