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No Heavy Weightlifting for a While

December 14, 2012
wayne atwell lifting bench press

Unfortunately I won’t be at the gym benching for a while.

Two days ago I cut myself pretty bad on the hand. I am pretty bummed out not only because it started to hurt quite  bit but because I am not suppose to do really heavy weight lifting for the next two weeks or more and heavy lifting is my favorite way to exercise. I’m not even supposed to do pull ups because it puts too much pressure on my hand.

I’m not the type of person to let an injury stop me from exercising and getting into better shape, especially when I have been making so much progress lately. A few months ago I did a one week push up routine that increased my chest by an inch of muscle and added 20 lbs to my bench press. I was very happy with the results of that push up routine and was planning on doing a second more intese push up routine called the Evil Russian which is 14 days long.

I have been putting off the Evil Russian for a while because I have been making consistent gains lately and haven’t plateaued at all and because some of the days are so intense that there is no way you could do it while still going to work. On one day you need to stop and do push ups every 15 minutes, THE ENTIRE DAY. I think my coworkers would think I am insane if I did that on a work day.

Well right now is the perfect time to do the Evil Russian. I can still do push ups but I can’t do most heavy lifting and I am on vacation for almost the entire end of the year. I only have 3 days of work next week and then I am done. I am excited to see how much progress I can make with routine when such a simple one week program helped me so much. I will report back with the results in a few weeks.

  1. Say goodbye to your gains.

    • I am hoping to come out of this stronger than I started. I can’t lift heavy weights but I can do lots and lots of push ups. The push up routine I am working on helps to build out the capillary network in my muscles and will help more blood and oxygen get to my muscles when I lift.

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