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No real post today, spent all last night in the hospital

December 13, 2012

bloody injured hand open wound cutI intended to write an awesome post for today but I ended up taking an unexpected trip to the emergency room. I survived but can only do limited weight lifting until I get the stitches out. I was planning on starting a new push up routine soon called the evil Russian. Since I can still do push ups maybe I will start it a little early.

It took about two hours for the hospital to stitch me up and send me home. A little slow in my opinion. The thing that bothered me more than how long it took was that I had a decent bandage that I had created using paper towel and duct tape. When I came into the operating room they cut it off and had me wash my hand. As soon as I took off the bandage is started bleeding profusely again so they gave me some gauss which I had to hold over my cut for the next 30 minutes until the doctor came. Why the heck did they have me take of the bandages 30 minutes before the doctor showed up? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to leave on the bandage until the doctor arrived? No wonder 10% of Americans are diabetic and 67% are obese, the hospitals and medical professionals have no idea what they are doing.

wounded hand with stitches in hospital

Here is my hand after I got 7 stitches.

bandaged hand wrapped in gauss at hospital

Here is my hand after they wrapped it up.

  1. jacquieds permalink

    I hope you feel better soon, Wayne, what happened?

  2. The stitches look like they hurt more than the cut. How did that even happen?

  3. Dude that is insane. How did it happen?

  4. steffturner permalink

    that sucks on so many levels!

  5. jason permalink

    “No wonder 10% of Americans are diabetic and 67% are obese, the hospitals and medical professionals have no idea what they are doing.”

    That blanket statement alone is ridiculous. I would perhaps argue that people that run fitness blogs have no idea what they are doing as 67% of people are obese.

    Having someone take off their homemade bandage of duct tape and a paper towel and then wash the wound and use what I am assuming to be sterile gauze seems reasonable to me. A 2 hour time in and out for a laceration does not seem that bad. I am reasonably certain the ER doc was attending to other patients that were either there before you or had more serious issues. Since medical professionals and hospitals have no idea what they are doing please stitch up your own hand next time and post pictures of that.

  6. jason permalink

    Appreciate your statement. Obviously I have some bias as I work in healthcare, so the statement that medical professionals have no idea what they are doing I will take as an off the cuff statement. Yes, traditional healthcare has many problems and ER’s are not the ideal place to be. There are also medical professionals that are fantastic at what they do and that when you are hurt or sick, you want these folks in your corner.

    If it happened during business hours your family doc’s office or an urgent care center generally are able to provide this care quite well also, without the ER charges and wait times. Most folks think the ER is the only place to get stitched up, but that is not true.

    Hope you enjoy your bike, I personally like to row for my “cardio”.

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