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Weekend Links

December 8, 2012

Here are some health and exercise links to get you through the weekend:

obese mannequin reddit

Here is the picture of the mannequin posted to reddit.

Recently as obesity expands in America more stores are using plus size mannequins to display there clothing. Someone posted a picture of particularly weird looking obese mannequin on reddit and some people were outraged by it.

If you are getting bored or your exercise routine, then you should try changing it up every so often. Researchers at University of Florida found that people who change up their exercise routine every two weeks enjoy exercising more.

Researchers have found that men with visceral belly fat are at higher risk for osteoporosis. To improve your bone health you should lose excess body fat and weight lift.

A recent study says that for people with high cholesterol statins plus exercise lowers risk of dying. In the past I have read that statins only lower your risk of dying if you are male, over the age of 40 and have already had one or more heart attack. From what I read of this study they didn’t separate the high risk men over 40 with previous problems out from the rest of the population which means that it could still only be the high risk men that are benefitting from statins. Most people are better off treating high cholesterol with exercise and proper diet so they can avoid the nasty side effects of statins.

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