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Time to End the Binge Cycle

November 27, 2012

junk food soda candy chipsLately I have found myself in a binge cycle. I will eat super healthy paleo with no cheating for a few weeks followed by a few days of binge eating. During my healthy eating period I lose weight and hit all time new low weights in my quest to hit 7% body fat but then I undo all of that work by binge eating for 2 or 3 days straight.

I have bouncing around between 169 and 178 pounds since June. Although I get a little closer each month to my body fat goal, it has been anything but a linear trend. Honestly I don’t even care as much about the weight loss but about my health. Why the hell do I bother spending extra money on organic fruits and vegetables and grass fed beef if during a cheat weekend I am going to scarf down ice cream and doritos?

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I got to see some of my friends from High School. Some of them told me that they read my blog. Over Thanksgiving I cheated a lot on paleo, especially while I was hanging out with my friends. They saw some of the worst of it. One friend even teased me that he would never believe anything he read on my blog after watching me eat so much ice cream, chips and candy. It got pretty bad.

I have figured out a way to motivate myself to stop binge eating. I posted a cheating diary on this site so all of the unhealthy food I eat is there for everyone to see. I know that I will not go the rest of my life without cheating on paleo but I hope that by forcing myself to post all of the foods and beverages I cheat with on my site I will decrease how often and how much I cheat. When I cheat by eating an ice cream, it will stop with just an ice cream instead of spinning out of control into a burrito, some candy corn, pizza, soda and some chips, then some more ice cream and so on.

Please feel free to mock me whenever I eat something I shouldn’t.

  1. Unfortunately, I can relate to you. Maybe it will help when you allow yourself some small treats every once in a while? That really helped me last time when I was stuck in the pattern you’re describing. Anyway, good luck!
    Love, Anne

  2. I hear ya man. I chowed down on fudge someone made specifically for me on Thanksgiving day and in about two hours felt like the top of my head would blow off from the sugar rush. Good to realize that you are going to have a few slip-ups now and then, but at your core, you remain dedicated and strong.

  3. Margot permalink

    Sorry if I enabled you! Next time I see you, it’s all carrots and lean protein for you, no matter what Andrew and I are eating!

  4. fatassguidetotheuniverse permalink

    Wow! Great post! It shows that even fit people like yourself have to fight to resist binge eating. I find that if I have a cheat weekend, it’s just important to resume your regular diet on Monday or right away if you can and forgive yourself, but resume resume resume…keep it up you’re doing great!

  5. Natalie permalink

    I was doing the same thing. At the beginning of November I started a high fat, low carb diet, hopefully putting my body into ketosis and I have not binged once all month. I’ve lost all cravings. I felt awful at first but now I am feeling much better. I never thought I could do low carb because I am a runner, but I’ve been running the same mileage with no ill effects. I think for me it’s all or nothing. I love that I am not craving food and I feel like I’m eating a lot but the scale went down 4lbs and now just stays the same everyday.

    • Congrats on your 4 lb weight loss. The feeling of no hunger while in ketosis is very odd. When I was in ketosis I would just eat because I knew I needed to.

      • Natalie permalink

        So I fell of the wagon and sadly have been having trouble getting back on track. I need to though because I’ve had a few binge sessions and I hate it. Not sleeping well is always what happens from eating too much.

      • Good luck getting back on the wagon. I know it is tough but don’t give up.

  6. Hi Wayne,
    You are experiencing a repression/binge cycle. You repress your desires to eat non-paleo until you cannot tolerate the repression, then you binge. This is a very common syndrome people go through when they try to stop addiction incorrectly.

    The repression binge/cycle also occurs when a person tries to change their eating as you are.

    Do a search on “repression binge cycle” you’ll find my discussion about this problem in regards to sex addiction. Not to say that you are sexually addicted. The cycle occurs in many areas besides addiction.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Marc permalink

    Really inspiring blog and glad to have stumbled upon it. Been on a “binge” about three days now. Probably has a lot to do with being bored with bagged spinach and plain chicken. Eager to get back on the wagon now… Thanks!

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