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Weekend Links

November 25, 2012

Here is another weekly installment of weekend links.

Studies show that all kinds of activities, even house work and chores, can extend your life.

America shouldn’t just be focused on soda as a source of empty calories making us fat. Alcohol consumption accounts for almost as many calories in our diet as soda.

This article discusses the link between inflammation and alzheimer’s, further proving that following paleo is a good idea.

Recently there have been a number of cases of people dying after drinking 5 hour energy drinks. I am not surprised to find out that something as unnatural as an energy causing deaths.

This article reveals that people receive a boost in mood after exercising outside due to the color green from nature rather than the fresh air. If this is true then more gyms should use greens and blues for their color schemes instead of the reds and yellows that are common.

One Comment
  1. 5 hour energy drinks give me the heeby jeebies. I mean really, all energy drinks do! They just seem so unnatural.

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