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Not losing weight? Try sleeping

November 21, 2012

By Wayne Atwell

These days we are all busy and it is hard to find the time to get enough sleep, especially when you are trying to hit the gym every day to lose weight. Well maybe you should try just a little harder to fit in a full 8 hours of sleep if you want to lose weight.

sleepStudy after study shows that getting enough sleep is critical for losing weight. If you are getting less than six hours of sleep, your hormones will be out of balance and make losing weight extremely difficult. Sleep deprivation leads to an increase in hormone ghrelin which is know to stimulate hunger. Missing sleep is also know to decrease your insulin sensitivity and lower your leptin, the hormone responsible for making you feel full.

Dieting is already really difficult, it is hard to give up the unhealthy foods we love. Why make it more difficult by not getting enough sleep?

Getting enough sleep is very important for staying healthy. Not only does it make you feel great but it also helps you stay young. When you don’t get enough sleep your body releases cortisol, the stress hormone, which causes you to age faster and store fat. To make matters worse if you tired from not getting enough sleep and decide to drink caffeine to keep you awake during the day, the caffeine will raise your cortisol even higher and make it difficult to fall asleep later at night.

Have I convinced you yet that you should try to get more sleep? Do you need even more reasons to get a good nights rest? Great, I have even more reasons! Getting enough sleep increases the amount of HGH your body releases. HGH is a hormone that is responsible for helping you burn fat and increase your lean muscle. Taking melatonin right before sleep can help you raise your HGH by 157%.

If you have been frustrated with your weight loss stalling try sleeping more and you will feel better.

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