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Weekend Links

November 17, 2012

It is Saturday which means that I get to be lazy and just post another installment of Weekend Links and let other people do the writing.

This person decided to take the easy way out for weight loss through surgery instead of discovering paleo a losing weight the right way. How long until paleo becomes mainstream enough for doctors to start recommending it?

Robb Wolf is interviewed in this article. His book “The Paleo Solution” was the first paleo book I read.

Apparently more people are turning to personal trainers to help them get into shape. I think it is a huge waste of money, I’d rather spend $10 on one nutrition book and spend the rest on quality food but at least people are getting serious about their health.

This article talks about food stamps and nutrition. It brings up a good point about how the poorest people who can’t afford food are also the most obese. How about we reform food stamps so they can’t be spent on candy chips and soda so we can cut down on obesity. I don’t mind paying taxes so someone less fortunate than me can eat an apple or broccoli but why should I work hard to pay for your soda so you can become obese and require diabetes medicine at my expense?

Speaking of diabetes, it is one of the fasted growing diseases and it is completely preventable. Cut out that processed food and soda America.

Last link of the day, this week Hostess the maker of Twinkies has announced they will be closing for good. I feel bad for the thousands of people who lost their job but at least there is one less company running around poisoning America with high fructose corn syrup.

If you need more reading material then check out last weeks Weekend Links.

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