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Day 9 Check In for No Alcohol November

November 9, 2012

no beer alcoholI have now been doing No Alcohol November for 9 days. The first 2 days were really tough. I think I was craving alcohol just because I knew I couldn’t have it. After that it got pretty easy for the next couple days. Wednesday was the first big test for refusing alcohol. I went to a happy hour with some friends and then I also went out to the bar after dodge ball. It is weird being in a bar and not drinking. Everyone was very understanding of my no alcohol situation and supportive. My big test will be Saturday night. I am going out with some friends and don’t know what to expect.

The good news is that No Alcohol November has allowed me to make progress toward my goal of losing weight and getting as lean as possible. I want to get to 7% body fat and I am probably at 9% or 10% right now. Last week I weighed in at 178 and today I weigh 170. I would guess 3 of the pounds of weight loss was due to water weight loss but it is still nice to hit an all-time low weight. I know that ketosis played a bigger role in me losing weight, but removing alcohol has made sticking to a ketogenic diet easier.

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  1. It does get easier over time. And if you’re around people that insist you drink, I find a club soda with lime, though not as fun, makes a suitable decoy for any clear “on the rocks” drink.

    And if you do find yourself tempted, think of the three glasses of water you’ll need to undo the dehydrating effects of every alcoholic drink you’d consume. Just as one beer quickly turns to three or four, that’s an ADDITIONAL 9-12 glasses of water. You’d need to hire a camel for that much H2O!

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