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The Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

November 2, 2012

Grass Fed CowIf you are looking to take your commitment to paleo to the next level, you should eat grass fed beef. There are many health reasons as well as humane reasons for eating grass fed beef rather than the standard grain fed beef. I hope after reading this you will be ready to make the switch to grass fed. At least reduce your intake of grain fed beef and replace it with grass fed.

The Ethical Reasons to Eat Grass Fed

Cows were meant to eat grass, not corn or soy. A grass fed cow is a happy cow because they are raised on a farm while grazing in a pasture. They are free to roam around and get exercise and fresh air. On the flip side grain fed cattle are raised in giant factory farm warehouses. They are inside and can barely move let alone get exercise. The conditions are dirty and lead to increased likeliness of contracting disease because the cows are standing in their own feces. In order to keep the cows alive in these unbearable conditions farmers pump the cattle full of hormones and antibiotics. Either way we will be eventually eating the  cow, but at least the grass fed cow had a good life before we eat it.

The Health Reasons to Eat Grass Fed

  1. Grass fed cows aren’t given hormones and antibiotics.
  2. Grass fed beef has significantly higher Omega 3 fatty acid which decreases inflammation.
  3. Grass fed beef has a lower fat content than grain fed beef.
  4. Grass fed beef has more nutrients and vitamins than grain fed.
  5. Grass fed beef has five times more “conjugated linoleic acid” or CLA than grain fed beef. CLA is know to reduce your chance of getting cancer.

But isn’t Grass Fed Beef Expensive?

grass fed beef

This is about two thirds of the beef I got from my half share (1/16th of a cow).

Unfortunately yes, grass fed beef is significantly more expensive than regular grain fed beef. Fortunately there are ways to lower the cost of buying grass fed beef. Organize a cow share with your paleo friends and buy a cow from a local farm. I participated in a cow share about a month ago. I bought a half share through a paleo meetup group in Philly. A full share is for 43 lbs, so I ended up getting 21.5 pounds. It cost me $175 dollars, so I paid just over $8 per pound of beef. We got our cow from Philly Cow Share. So far it has been a very positive experience for me. One thing you should know before purchasing a cow share is that about half the meat is ground beef. If you have no use for ground beef, don’t buy a cow share. I like to make paleo chili from my grass fed ground beef.

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