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Interval Training on the Bike

October 29, 2012

Wayne BikingThis weekend I went for a bike ride. At first I had no real agenda except to get in some cardio to burn some calories and lose some weight. While I was biking I decided to make it a little more interesting and try to get mor benefit out of my bike ride. Whenever I got to a hill I would sprint up the hill as fast as I could. Over the course of an hour bike ride I probably sprinted up about 10 hills. Most of the hills took 20 to 60 seconds to sprint up, so it was a good duration for interval training.

Interval training has a lot of benefits. It puts less stress on your body than long duration intense cardio workouts which often lead to elevated levels of cortisol. Interval training also increases your testosterone levels which helps you build more muscle. HIIT burns more fat than traditional cardio and raises your metabolism for hours after ou finish. Next time you go for a bike ride try sprinting up the hills. It is tough but you will get a lot more out of your ride than if you just pedal at a constant rate the whole time. Just be careful around the traffic.

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