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Make a November Resolution

October 22, 2012
empty gym treadmills

Head to the gym now while it is empty.

Every year frustrated people who have packed on a few pounds over the last year flock to the gym on January first. For those of us who work out all year round the influx of new gym members is really annoying. We go from an almost empty gym in December to waiting forever to get on the machine we want in January. Depending on the gym the extra foot traffic lingers for around two to four months before it starts dropping off again.

If you are trying to make real progress in losing weight or putting on muscle does it make sense to start going to the gym the same time as everyone else does? NO! Instead make a November resolution and hit the gym when everyone else is slacking off. You will be so much happier and will get more accomplished if you don’t have to wait to even get a locker to put your stuff in. By the time the January rush begins you will have already dropped 10 pounds of fat and well on your way to achieving your goal.
Two months from now you will wish you started today!
  1. Totally agree!!! I hate the January gym rush- or the two week before spring break rush… I mean really, what do you possibly think you will accomplish in two weeks???

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