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Health Snack Attack

October 20, 2012
Freeze dried fruit snacks: raspberries, pineapple, and strawberries

Freeze dried fruit snacks: raspberries, pineapple, and strawberries

One of my largest challenges while following the paleo diet is finding health snacks to bring with me when I don’t have refrigeration. I can’t just leave a few apples and some chicken in my car until I get hungry because then my car will start to smell funny. In the past I have used nuts as my primary car snack because they don’t spoil but nuts are not ideal food for snacking.

The problem with nuts are that they are very calorie dense, so you can consume several hundred calories in a very short amount of time. On average there are around 200 calories in one ounce of nuts. This means there are 3200 calories per pound compared to 200 calories per pound of carrots. Too bad you can’t leave carrots in your car for a few weeks. The second problem with nuts is that they have very high in omega 6. High levels of omega 6 lead to increased inflammation in your body.

Two weeks ago my prayers for an easy and healthy snack were answered: freeze dried fruit snacks! I have found them at both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Freeze dried fruits are somewhat expensive, but they don’t go bad, they are healthy and low calorie. The freeze dried fruits still contain plenty of vitamins and minerals and don’t have the added sugar that most normally dried fruits contain.

The price for the fruit at Trader Joe’s is about half the price as Whole Foods. Most packages are around 100 calories total and last me about 3 snacks. The taste of the Whole Foods freeze dried fruits is a little better but not worth the extra price.

Other almost paleo snacks

Some of the other snacks I have considered are worthy of mentioning. They are not strictly paleo but I keep them around incase of emergencies. They are better than stopping at a McDonalds.

  1. Beef Jerky – You really have to watch the label on beef jerky. Many of them have really awful ingredients but others are not so bad. There is a decent beef jerky sold by 7eleven which is almost paleo. The only problem is that it isn’t grass fed and it has a little added sugar. Other beef jerkies will have stuff like teriyaki which has soy in it.
  2. Fruit Leathers – These can be found at Trader Joe’s and are a small piece of dried fruit that looks kind of like a fruit by the foot. The problem is that they have high sugar and low fiber with almost no vitamins and minerals. They cost $0.50 each and have 50 calories per package.
  3. Kind Bars – Most of the kind bars are not paleo friendly but the Almond Cashew Flaxseed bar comes close. No soy or gluten in them but they have honey and a lot of nuts in them. I am considering exploring Lara Bars because they are similar but with more dried fruit to replace the nuts and no honey.

If you know of any paleo friendly snacks that don’t spoil and can be left around without refrigeration please share them in the comments.

  1. when i first started paleo i always wanted to snack because it was what i was used to. now i find that if i eat a good breakfast of meat and bone broth i don’t need to snack. or i’ll have coffee with some coconut oil in it and that keeps me going until lunch.

  2. I really like Lara Bars. They are high in sugars, due to them being date based, but you can’t beat the ingredients. I always have one in my purse and one in my lunch bag, just in case. I don’t eat them very often, but I like knowing that I have something healthy instead of making a bad food choice just because I am hungry.
    Another thing I like are unsweetened coconut chips. I toast them up and sprinkle them with cinnamon and sea salt!

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