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A day in the life of the paleo diet

October 15, 2012

When friends and coworkers hear about the paleo diet they often ask me what does a normal day in the life of following paleo consist of. When I tell them all the things I can’t eat, they can’t comprehend what I do eat and how it isn’t boring. I will recap yesterdays whole day of eating.


Eggs overeasy




Apple-Cinnamon Chicken


Almond-Cashew Kind Bar
Macadamia Nuts


Sweet Potato


As you can see I eat a wide variety of fruits vegetables and meats which are healthy and delicious. I don’t get bored while following the diet and I rarely get very hungry. So what is your typical day of following the paleo diet?

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  1. yum salmon looks great. Over the months i’ve been fine tuning my diet and eat a lot less fruit and pretty much no nuts. i feel a whole lot better without a ton of sugar and nuts make me feel bad when i eat them. i only realised after i tried cutting them out how much better my body feels. my diet is pretty much meat, fat from coconut \ olive oil, oily fish, veggies and sweet potatoes, pumpkin and green apples if i want fruit. obviously going crazy about it is no good either! so if i want something other than my daily staples i’ll have it- but on a day to day basis i pretty much stick with meat, fat and veggies.

    • Wow, you have a very healthy diet. I should reduce my nut intake to improve my diet but I am only human. If you are only going to eat a little fruit, you would be better off eating strawberries, black berries or raspberries since they have a lot more vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants than apples.

      • lovepaleolife permalink

        i eat a lot of blueberries.. but i love apples too 🙂 and they are pretty low in sugar. I dont like to rely on fruit though for minerals and antioxidants.

  2. I’m finding it helpful, as a paleo newbie, to focus on all the cool stuff I get to eat (a full rainbow of fresh veggies, healthy low-sugar fruits, great cuts of meats in a variety of flavors), rather than what I “can’t have”, and I’ve been really careful to change my language. It’s not that I can’t, it’s that I’m choosing not to. When I describe all the new recipes I’m trying, and how great they taste and make my kitchen smell, they are a little more understanding that I’m cutting out all the “good stuff of life” like bread, pasta, ice cream, and sugar. You know, the four major food groups of the typical US pantry and freezer.

    • That is a healthy attitude to have. I try to do the same thing, focus on the delicious things I can eat. I also find that it helps to try to explore and find new foods to eat. I just discovered bok choy last week and love it! I am always a little excited to go to the grocery store cause I might find a new fruit or vegetable to try.

      • bethalyn permalink

        bok choy, the only cabbage I like. (The mom and grandmother OD’d us on cooked cabbage as kids, so I don’t willingly eat the stuff anymore.)
        But I find bok choy to be very un-cabbagy, and it cooks well without getting bitter. Enjoy!

  3. I like this post! I would be more interested to see more like it. Because I don’t follow Paleo (I’m a vegetarian and really initmidated by it), I’m always curious to see what a typical day is like.

  4. I love Paleo smoothies for breakfast too. Make a simple one with soy milk, a handful of ice cubes, a frozen banana, and some berries. For protein, you could add some protein powder. Quick and easy!

  5. Today’s meals are:
    Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, 1 chicken sausage
    Dinner: Scandinavian Meatballs (recipe from Jans Sushi Bar) and spaghetti squash
    Snack (if needed): apple with homemade cinnamon cashew butter

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