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Paleo Challenge Day 14 Check In

October 1, 2012

I have now finished 14 days of the Paleo Challenge, and only have another 11 to go. It feels good to be more than halfway finished. During the week it is never very difficult to stick to my diet. I have work to distract me from eating but when I drink heavily sometimes on the weekend it is tough to stay clean. This weekend a friend through a going away party, so I had to go out. Somehow I managed to fight the desire to eat junk food even while drunk. I didn’t overeat too much this weekend. Having this challenge has been so helpful to me in avoiding junk food. I will feel a craving for the junk food but I don’t want to give in and lose the challenge. I will use this as a tool in the future to cheat less on paleo.

All in all my weight loss is going well. Originally my plan was to lose 1.5 pounds and drop down from 175.5 to 174 this week but I hit that goal early in the week and decided to set a more ambitious goal of 171.5. I am happy to announce that I was able to achieve my weight loss target this week and hit exactly 171.5. My goal for next week is to get to 169.5.

All of this weight loss is really paying off. My body fat percentage has now dropped to 9% as of today. This is the first week that I have been in the single digits for BF %. My abs are starting to look really good. I think that I can get my BF % down to 7%, at which point my abs will look amazing. Then I will go ahead and post some photos.

  1. I didn’t think alcohol was Paleo…?

    • Alcohol isn’t ok in the strictest version of paleo, but I know several paleo dieters that still enjoy red wine. Alcohol and salted nuts are my two vices.

      • Isn’t a Paleo Challenge or Whole 30 the “strictest” version, and then you kinda work in your own personal little deviations, like a little Greek yogurt or a glass of wine, when you’re out of challenge mode? šŸ˜‰ Just giving you a hard time. I read way too many fat girl blogs where they try to say pumpkin pie is Paleo if you make it with honey instead of granulated sugar and don’t eat the crust.

      • I appreciate you giving me a hard time. It is one of the reasons I started this blog and this challenge, so I would be held accountable and motivated to keep to my diet. Ideally I’d like to give up alcohol but I did this challenge to try to reduce the big time cheating. I wanted to stop eating mcdonalds, ice cream and other junk food. So far even with the red wine I am losing lots of weight and feeling good.

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