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Planet Fitness is the worst gym in the world

September 16, 2012

planet fitness sucks gymI have been a member of planet fitness for the past 10 months. Of all of the gyms I have ever worked out at, Planet Fitness far and away the worst gym ever! I have made a list of the top 10 reasons to avoid planet fitness if you want to be successful in reaching your fitness goals. If you live near a Retro Fitness go there instead. They have much better equipment and you are surrounded by members and staff who know a lot more about fitness.

  1. Their machines are low quality and often put stress on joints in the wrong place.
  2. They limit the amount of weight available to discourage dedicated members from actually using their equipment. They would much rather have 5 members that come once a week than have 1 member who comes 5 times a week because they get 5x the money. One Planet Fitness near me only has dumbbells up to 60 lbs and the other one goes up to 65 lbs.
  3. January through April it is EXTREMELY crowded and difficult to get any equipment.
  4. The lockers are broken into frequently. I had the lock broken off my locker and lost my wallet and iPhone.
  5. They get mad at you if you drop a weight.
  6. There is no free-weight bench press or squat rack.
  7. They don’t have any of the helpful ab equipment like an ab roller or the fitness balls.
  8. They post factually incorrect information. I saw a sign encouraging people to sign up for ab classes so they can burn belly fat. I yelled at the manager telling him that no specific exercise can target fat loss in a specific area and that if people do want to burn fat then an ab workout is the worst workout they can do since it burns so few calories. He didn’t care and left the sign up.
  9. They give out free bagels and pizza once a month. Empty calories to keep their members fat.
  10. The loudspeaker in the changing room encourages you to reward yourself for a good workout with a tootsie pop on the way out. Those of us who follow the paleo diet know that this would spike your insulin and make you hungier for you next meal and likely to eat more.

The only good things I can say about the gym is that it is 24 hours a day so when my main gym is closed I can go there. They also have massage chairs if you pay extra. If you are looking for a gym, do yourself a favor and avoid Planet Fitness.

  1. Spot on. I’m a proud “lunkhead,” as PF likes to call anyone who lifts heavy and doesn’t eat bagels. 😉

  2. This post made me laugh! I need to show it to my husband! He goes to planet fitness during the day only because it is the closest gym near his work and has made similar complaints to yours. Oh and the lunk alarm what a joke!

  3. rickr permalink

    The place sucks. It is for people that don’t really want to work out

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