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Tough Mudder: 11 mile obstacle course

September 14, 2012
tough mudder camo

Posing for the camera before starting the Tough Mudder.

Last weekend I completed a Tough Mudder obstacle course. They are typically 10 to 12 miles long, this one was 11 miles. Unlike other obstacle courses, Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge. It was originally created to help raise funds for the wounded warrior project. In keeping with the military motto, leave no man left behind, in Tough Mudder you are encouraged to help your fellow runners as much as possible. People would help lift people up so they could climb over the obstacles. Once people were on the top of the wall they would help pull people up.

I tried to do as many of the obstacles as I could without anyone’s help. I was able to do that until I got to an obstacle where we had to climb over these mounds of hard yet slippery mud. There were no foot or hand holds. People would have to push you from below while someone on top of the mound pulls you up. All in all it was a very fun experience.

It took a lot longer than I expected. We started at 2 pm and didn’t finish until six o’clock. The reason it took so long is because we had to wait a long time waiting in line for a lot of the obstacles. I thought that the Tough Mudder would be a challenge because of the cardio needed to run 11 miles but with all the waiting around we had plenty of time to recover. The last two miles were the most challenging of the whole course. Not because the obstacles were harder, but because I was getting tires of running and my back was starting to hurt.

I would recommend doing a Tough Mudder to anyone who is physically fit and likes to do exciting and challenging activities. Please keep in mind that it takes a long time. We arrived in our car at 1:00 and didn’t leave until around 7:45. We had to walk around 2.5 miles from the car to the beginning of the course. Washing off and changing at the end took a long time as well.

Advice for Tough Mudder:

If you plan on doing a Tough Mudder, show up well in advance of your starting time. Wear comfortable shoes and socks to avoid blisters and chaffing. Wear shorts and a t-shirt, long sleeves and full length pants get weighed down with mud and feel heavy. Be careful when going through muddy obstacles, if you get mud in your eyes you have no clean hands or clothing to wipe your eyes with until you get to a water station. Bring a change of clothes and different pair of shoes. Bring a towel that you don’t care about. Wear sunblock, it is a long run.

muddy after tough mudder

This is what I looked like after finishing the tough mudder.

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