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Olympics Draws Attention Away from Jiu Jitsu

September 13, 2012

I started a blog dedicated to training and competing in jiu jitsu tournaments back in late February. I took a look at the search engine stats recently and I noticed that leading up to and during the Olympic games my search traffic dropped off. I would like to add that I did not add any new posts during this time period and I did not build any new links for SEO reasons.

Olympic Jiu Jitsu Search Traffic

     As you can see the search traffic started dropping off about 2 weeks before the Olympic games started and actually hit the low point during the first week of the games. It looks like during the second week of the games traffic began to pick back up as people decided to get back to jiu jitsu. This suggests that people only do a limited number of sports related google searches per day and if they are searching for the Olympics then they are not searching for BJJ. I wonder if jiu jitsu was an Olympic sport if I would have seen a boost instead of a drop as more people search for BJJ.

     A friend of mine has a website that is about general fitness. Lately most of her posts have been about female body building. I looked at her stats and saw that instead of a dip during the Olympics, her searches were mostly flat with only a very small dip. It seems that those of us who are training in BJJ are more easily distracted by the Olympics than body builders. To be honest that doesn’t surprise me, those people are slavishly dedicated to the task of bulking up. Anyone who can stomach eating more that 6,000 a day to the point of almost throwing up clearly have larger priorities than the Olympics.

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