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Product Review: Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

November 15, 2012

I bought an Iron Gym Pull Up Bar a few weeks ago. It arrived last Friday and I set it up on Saturday. It seemed a little flimsy, not only because the metal seemed fairly thin but also because the main bar is split in two and fitted together in order to allow the box to be smaller. It has handles that allow you to do close grip or wide grip pull ups as well as handles for parallel pull ups.

I probably did about 30 pull ups on on day one with no problems. I used the handles for all of the pull ups. On day two I did about 50 pull ups and the thing started creaking a little. On Monday I decided to up my pull up training and increased it to 200. Of the 200, I did 75 at the gym and 125 on the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar. On pull up number 196 the damn thing bent in half.

Wow, what a low quality piece of garbage. Didn’t even last me one week. It isn’t like I am overweight either. I weigh about 170 lbs. Do not buy this product, it is awful!

Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Worst Product Ever

I guess I will be shopping for a new pull up bar tomorrow. This time I will spend the money and get a decent product.


  1. IronGym permalink

    May be fake product? The original Iron Gym have 2 year warranty and have tested materials, never happened this way. Where did you buy this product?

  2. I just bought mine from Target, and this crappy bar broke on me after a week. I probably was doing around 50 pull ups a day. Very disappointing! Don’t buy!

  3. I can tell just by the color of it, that its fake.

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